Through The Tunnel !!!

Many of us are going through an unmanageable situation,we may be seeing ourselves in a dark tunnel,but we know the tunnel has an end which will be bright.Joseph,Moses,David have been through such situations and God wasn’t faulty in allowing it ,rather it victoriously led to palaces.Our tunnels may be in the form of disappointments,frustrations,financial wreckage,joblessness…

“Coastal Craze”

“When you are seized in the currents of desperation,stay calm for the depressing dusk is proceeding towards a dazzling dawn”¬†¬†Lynette Gracious Frantz

“I’ve got my eye on you.”

An evening that I spent in a village with a community that lived in the sea in tiny wooden homes raised on wooden pillars. It provided me with few valuable insights teaching me to live happily without any expectations.

“World Outside My Window”

Indian Palaces,Forts and their period are very interesting.During one of my visits to a Fort town close to my place I saw these little windows in the dark rooms of the Fort.Going back into the history I understand women of the aristocracy were confined in the walled areas called antahpura (inner sanctum) or harem.Life was…

Walk Away !!!

There comes a time in life,when you walk away from all drama and people who create it.Surround yourself with those who make you laugh,forget the bad and focus on the good.Love the people who treat you right and wrong.Pray for the ones who dont.Life is too short to be anything but happy.Falling down is a…

Step by Step !!!

Every step needs to be taken under God’s guidance,It’s the only way you can figure out where you need to go and who you need to be.

Standing Tall !!!

Driving down the desert highway I saw these massive electric lines in the barren fields.The noises they gave away matched to Celtic music, the part I liked. They were impressive and standing tall inspite of the strong winds,rain and heat. We land up in such situations which is a part of life and sometimes being…

Faithful Hand..

It was a dark cloudy monsoon evening as I was walking by the seashore in Mandvi,this beautiful bond of a father and his child captivated me.I quickly grabbed my camera to get the picturesque of both .It conveyed me about the times which i cherished with my dad !!!