Through The Tunnel !!!


Many of us are going through an unmanageable situation,we may be seeing ourselves in a dark tunnel,but we know the tunnel has an end which will be bright.Joseph,Moses,David have been through such situations and God wasn’t faulty in allowing it ,rather it victoriously led to palaces.Our tunnels may be in the form of disappointments,frustrations,financial wreckage,joblessness and sickness, but there is a Saviour who will lead us victoriously to the end of the tunnel where we will see the light.

When we are going through a rough phase and wonder about God’s absence,all of us are well aware of the instructor being calm throughout the exam.

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    1. LisaFrantz says:

      Thank you so much Peter,learning to blog and i am sure to make mistake..pls bear =)

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  1. Persis says:

    wow Ammama …nicely written. .

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  2. Encouraging words, thank you for sharing.
    God bless you richly on this journey.


  3. debibradford says:

    Well said. I encourage you to continue blogging and sharing your words.

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