Lisa Frantz

Bio: Hi friends, I am Lisa involved deeply into home management since my life revolves around my family and they give me a reason to smile. I married a great guy and together we celebrated our 32nd anniversary. We have three wonderful children and four adopted fur babies that we adore. A flashback to my old black and white picture album encouraged me to shift gears to chronicle my obsession after decades. Photography is not my profession,its my passion. My dad is the reason for me reflecting his skills through the camera, he excelled incredibly with his camera during the black and white days and as a little kid I used to enthusiastically keep an eye on every detail he used to share with me regarding the knowledge concerning with the camera,lights and focus. With our time consuming technological lifestyle photography is the only activity that can bank our memories into a time capsule eternally to narrate a story.

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  1. Thomas Joseph C says:

    Congratulations! Excellent pics!


    1. LisaFrantz says:

      Thank you so much Son…


  2. Bruce says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you for the follow and I just love your dogs! Please feel free to jump in any time with your thoughts and comments! Blessings!


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